What is your Online Business Most Valuable Asset?

online business most valuable asset

online business most valuable assetWhat is online business most valuable asset? The question has so many answers, depending on whom you ask.

Some will tell you that list is the most important thing.  Other will tell you that traffic.  There are other who say that good offers or an incredible produtc and the list of answers grow …

In my personal experience as an insurance advisor, I have a different point of view.

When I started on internet marketing, I tried to learn as much as possible, watching training videos, investing on courses and consuming all information I could.

I learned that building a list was so important; that traffic was crucial, that I had to be careful when choosing the offers and lots of tips and hints on how to earn money in a very fast way.

In twenty years at the insurance industry, selling insurance and training new agents I experienced that the most valuable asset you can have, if you want to build a long term business, is costumer´s trust.

Customers don’t buy from people they don’t trust. Unfortunately, most sales gurus (including some that are quite famous) define selling as “convincing,” “persuading,” and “winning”–presumably with the customer being the convinced, persuaded loser.

What we promote is a promise.  A promise that if you grab a copy of this training course, you are going to be the new marketing guru.  That is exactly the same on insurance.  We sale promises.  If you get your car crushed, our insurance company will take care of all repairs and costs.  Sounds familiar?

Well, I had so many training sessions with  remarkable people on the industry that teaches to be aggressive, to put the client to the ropes, to Impose your will on the will of the consumer.

That was a classic on sales.  Still it is.  But it didn’t work for me.  Maybe my personality, my beliefs, call it as you want.  Simply, it did not work for me.

It didn´t work for me filming a video encouraging people to buy the brand new pluging that was going to change their lives for better.

I know this sounds like bad news for everyone who thinks they are going to become millionaires in 24 hours.  There is no instant recipe for building trust.  But it works indeed.

If you want a long term business,  If you really want to be successful and stay successful over the years, you must gain the trust of consumers

How can you gain customer´s trust?  This is what I´ve learned and applied successfully in my business:

The online business most valuable asset

Be yourself.

The sale is a combination of technique and art. We are all unique and unrepeatable so when creating your own style, when  printing your own personality, you become different before the competition

Don´t be another cliché.  Everybody on the planet has had unpleasant experiences with salespeople, and many have walked away from a sales situation feeling manipulated. So, rather than acting or sounding like a salesperson, simply act the way you would when meeting with a colleague.

Value the relationship

If you want people around you to value having a relationship with you, you must truly believe that relationship building is important. You must also believe that you honestly have something of value to offer to the relationship.

Give value understanding value not only great ideas or shocking news.  Lots of times people will appreciate a personal opinion, your own and honest vision about a subject even you might be wrong sometimes.

Be curious about people

People are drawn to those who show true interest in them. Curiosity about people is thus a crucial element of relationship building. Having an abiding fascination in others give you the opportunity to learn new things and make new connections.

On internet marketing you can find on forums and social sites You can find out what people’s fears are, what distress and comfort them, and what they desperately want to find.

Be consistent

A customer’s ability to trust you is dependent upon showing the customer that your behavior is consistent, congruent and persistent over time.

When a customer can predict your behavior, that customer is more likely to trust you. Of course you have to surprise them from time to time, but that is just to keep the interest.

Seek the truth

If you’re absolutely convinced the customer needs your product, the customer will sense you’re close-minded and become close-minded in return.

Instead, be open to the idea that the customer might be better served elsewhere. In turn, customers will sense that you’ve got their best interests at heart. Promote stuff you believe in and that you are convinced they are really helpful to solve problems.

There are insurance policies I never promote, because I think they do not solve problems or even, that create more problems than solutions, even they pay an excellent commission. We all know we are in it for the money, but I wouldn´t sell my soul to the devil for a fancy profit. .Have a real dialog This is my magic formula when selling.

Every meeting should be a conversation, not a sales pitch.  Spend at least half of every customer meeting listening. And make certain the conversation is substantive and about real business issues, not just office patter or sports chit-chat. Well in online marketing you do not have your prospect right there in front of you but, what if there was?  Can you picture this?

When you take a training on how to speak in public, the trainer tells you “focuse on one person at the audience and speak to him, no matter you have one thousand souls listening”.

Do the same.  Speak in front of the camera, record your audio or write your article as you were speaking to some old pal.  The customer is your best friend and his trust your most valuable asset.

Be professional

This is a concept were many fail.  Being professional does not mean using a technical language and dictate chair to impact your audience.

The most successful professionals have the ability to translate all the technical  jargon into common language

Be serious but not solemn, explain things in such a way that anyone can understand you

You do not need to have all the answers but knowing where to find them Customers tend to trust individuals who are serious about what they do, and willing to take the time to achieve a deep understanding of their craft.

Take the time every day to learn more about your customers, their industry and their challenges.

Show real integrity

Never promise what you can’t deliver.  You need to sell and you have to talk about your product or service wonders and benefits, but never over dimension the benefits.

Point pros and cons and the best way they can have the best experience of their buying.

Everybody appreciate the truth and trust the one who tells it.  Gaining trust is only part of the equation. You must also have a product that customers want and need, and the ability to show how you’re adding value, solving problems, and so forth.

However, if you don’t earn the customer’s trust, they’ll probably buy from someone else whom they do trust–even if the offering isn’t as good.

Ask yourself this question: why should people buy from me and not from anybody else? That is a very interesting question that we shall be talking about on the next video.

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What is your Online Business Most Valuable Asset?
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What is your Online Business Most Valuable Asset?
What is online business most valuable asset? The question has so many answers, depending on whom you ask. Some will tell you that list is the most important

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