4 Mistakes that Make your Online Marketing Fail

online marketing mistakes

online marketing mistakesWhat are the most common online marketing mistakes that makes your online efforts fail?

Too many of us try to make a living on internet marketing and the first thing we wonder about is how to bring traffic and make a lot of sales.

We´ve been told that in a fast way you only need to send traffic to your offers and magically people will start buying like crazy!

So we start doing it. It is said actions speak louder than words, so happily we move forward, invest money on solo ads, Facebook adsGoogle-ads, on traffic and on any traffic method possible. Results: zero.

Later on we desperately try to learn from some training course and we get knackered working overtime on it. We learn how to drive free traffic, targeted traffic, hungry buyers traffic, and again, our hands end up empty.

No results at all and that awful feeling of being down in the dumps. A sorry sight indeed. It is a pity all that effort wasted in vain.

But there is a reason why you do not get results. Several, in fact, and I´m about to tell you the 4 main mistakes that make your online marketing fail.

1. No Clearly Defined Goals

That is not a reason to launch a social media campaign.

Neither is a vague interest in increasing website traffic or getting more leads.

A clearly defined goal sounds something like this: “We want to increase SEO-generated validated website leads by 20% over the next 18 months.”

A goal like this is specific, time-sensitive, measureable, and meaningful.  Is the difference clear enough?

Define your goals as a part of a full strategy. Make them measurable and a part of a master plan.  We need a view from the hill as well as the sight in the forest.

2. Emphasizing the Wrong Metrics

Just because a goal is measurable doesn’t mean it’s meaningful. Organizations get tripped up by gearing their campaigns to improve the wrong data. Most common culprits:

a) Advertisements

b) Rankings. In SEO, rankings used to mean a lot. Now they mean very little, because every Google search engine user sees different results. Also, if you rank well for a term that nobody searches for, you’re wasting your money.

C) Traffic. Getting more traffic to your website is not necessarily going to generate more leads or revenue. It has to be the right traffic, and your website has to do a great job of impressing prospects and motivating them to contact you.

If your website does a poor job of selling your wares, increased traffic can do more harm than good by turning off potential customers!

3. No Systematic Campaign Testing

The worst day of any Internet marketing campaign is the first day.

Only by testing various campaign elements—content, offers, images, keywords, etc.—does a campaign become more productive and efficient.

There is no short-cut for it,  But testing cannot be whimsical; it must be methodical and properly executed.

If a marketer uses poor testing methods, it’s rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.  If a you don’t test at all, and puts the campaign on autopilot, a crash landing is inevitable.  Do this the right way or you´ll be In a pickle.

4. Not Testing New Types of Campaigns

Successful marketers are always on the lookout for better ideas.

This spirit must drive online marketing efforts: If a marketer gets in a rut with, say, email marketing and SEO, it may never realize PPCor social media is a more cost-efficient and effective means of driving leads and revenue.

Smart online entrepreneurs don’t merely dabble in new marketing methods; they instead systematically budget, deploy resources, and evaluate results.

How do you score? If you’ve avoided all of these errors, you are definitely on the right track. If you’re guilty on all counts, at least now you have a game plan for making major improvements. And finally,

if you are doing 2/4 or 3/4 properly, then you may be only a few small tweaks away from terrific success.

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4 Mistakes that Make your Online Marketing Fail
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4 Mistakes that Make your Online Marketing Fail
What are the most common online marketing mistakes that makes your online efforts fail? Too many of us try to make a living on internet marketing and the

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